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Collections by Raquel Clarke

Collections by Raquel Clarke

  • Dandelion Cadence

    Current Available Works

    8 Artworks

    Raquels debut art collection - the first of what Raquel hopes will be many, vastly different collections of works.

    These Monet style impressionistic artworks are truly unique to Raquel. She uses heavy impasto oil paints applied by brush.

    The creative act as an artist is hers to develop as she chooses. Her scenes are inspired by the way light hits a meadow, or as she researches a flower, either in reality or even as she discovers a beautiful scene in a photo. Whatever inspires her to paint, we love the outcome, every time!

  • After the Storm

    The Shadowlands Collection

    3 Artworks

    The various moods of the seas, and the heavy skies is what inspires her in these textured pieces. A collection of pieces inspired by what Captain Cook may have seen on his voyages of discovery of Hawaii and New Zealand.

  • Fire on the Water

    Ocean Lights Collection

    6 Artworks

    Raquel likes to capture water with a smoother palette on her canvas. It may use less textured oil paint, than all her other collections, but the number of paint colours is far greater. Raquel's eye for the colours in light, is amazing. She manages to capture the dancing movement on the water so beautifully. Another stunning collection by our young third generation artist.

  • Sage

    Abstract Expressionism

    5 Artworks

    Raquel has launched into abstract works and is loving them. Influenced by her love of oils and colour, and by request along with associations with another accomplished New Zealand abstract artist, she is bravely branching into this new collection, being very large canvasses expressing an airy aroma, by title in initially, at least. We await with baited breath to see where this talented young artist is heading.

  • Rhodedendrons

    SOLD Wildflowers

    30 Artworks

    WORKS however are available to be commissioned. Contact the gallery.

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